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Allen, Elizabeth
Professor of Medical Statistics

Elizabeth Allen is a Professor in Medical Statistics and Head of the Medical Statistics Department at LSHTM. Elizabeth joined LSHTM in 2006. Her research focuses on the design and analysis of large-scale intervention studies and impact evaluation; in particular large pragmatic cluster randomised...

Arribas, Monica
Trial Manager / Research Assistant

I am a Trial Manager at the Clinical Trials Unit currently working on the HALT-IT trial, an international randomised, placebo controlled trial investigating the effect of tranexamic acid on gastrointestinal bleeding. Before joining the LSHTM in 2014, I worked as a research scientist in academia...

Astarci, Josenir
Trials Administrator

I have joined the School in October 2001 to work as data entry person with RITA 2 and RITA 3 trials. Currently, I work as a Trial Administrator for the PREVENTT and the REVIVED trials.  I also provide administrative support to the Medical Statistics Department and in particular Professor...

Austin, Emma
Assistant Trial Manager

I joined the team at the CTU as an Assistant Trial Manager in April 2018. So far I have worked on both the HALT-IT and CRASH-3 trials, and I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with so many wonderful collaborators worldwide. Prior to working at LSHTM I was a Clinical Trial...

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Bal, Kiran
Assistant Trial Manager

I joined the Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) in October 2018 as an Assistant Trials Manager. I currently work on the HALT-IT trial where I provide support to the CTU Directors and Trial Managers in all aspects of trial management, including the development, coordination and completion of the clinical...

Barrow, Collette
Trial Administrator

My name is Collette and I am the administrator for the WOMAN-2 trial. Having worked within the CTU for a number of years and been involved in five trials conducted by the department, it pleases me to work alongside this great team trying hard to make a difference to global health.

Beaumont, Danielle
Senior Trial Manager/Research Fellow

Hi, I’m Danielle Beaumont, a Senior Trial Manager/Research Fellow and tutor on LSHTM MSc Clinical Trials course. I have worked in clinical trials for around 10 years now, and worked at LSHTM CTU since June 2011 working on our trials of tranexamic acid in various bleeding conditions (WOMAN,...

Benyahia, Myriam
Clinical Trials Unit Administrator

My role is to support the LSHTM Clinical Trials Unit (CTU), its Directors and Management Group (MG) and all research teams, in all ongoing projects.

Brenner, Amy
Research Fellow in Epidemiology

I joined the Clinical Trials Unit as a Research Fellow in 2017. I provide epidemiological expertise for several emergency care trials that aim to investigate the effectiveness of tranexamic acid for the prevention and treatment of life-threatening bleeding. These include the WOMAN-2 trial for...