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TXA Central
March 4, 2021 LSHTM CTU News CTU admin

TXA Central collates information about clinical trial research conducted on Tranexamic Acid and is a resource for health professionals caring for patients with acute severe bleeding.

WOMAN-PharmacoTXA Trial
December 16, 2020 LSHTM CTU News CTU admin

The WOMAN-PharmacoTXA
trial investigates the intramuscular and oral solutions of TXA in women undergoing Caesarean Section with at least one known risk factor for PPH

WOMAN-2 Trial
December 16, 2020 Clinical Trials,Emergency Care,Maternal Health CTU admin

The WOMAN-2 trial investigates Tranexamic Acid (TXA) for the prevention of postpartum bleeding in women with anaemia

A CRASH-3 Trial Sub-Study Provides Evidence of TXA Benefit in TBI
December 14, 2020 LSHTM CTU News CTU admin

Effect of tranexamic acid on intracranial haemorrhage and infarction in patients with traumatic brain injury: a randomised trial

Art for Maternal Health Awareness
December 7, 2020 LSHTM CTU News CTU admin

Sculpture artist, Moira Purver was commissioned by the WOMAN trial to create this spectacular bronze statue that depicts a mother on her knees holding her new baby in her arms just after giving birth.

Educational | Evidence Tranexamic Acid Saves Lives
November 9, 2020 Emergency Care,Tranexamic Acid (TXA),Trauma Care CTU admin

This is an informative video showing the history and providing compelling evidence tranexamic acid, or TXA, saves lives.