Celebrating International Clinical Trials Day 2023

Celebrating International Clinical Trials Day 2023
May 23, 2023 No Comments » LSHTM CTU News Mbwana Mohammed

Every year the Clinical Trials Distance Learning Programme at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) joins celebrations of International Clinical Trials Day on May 20th with a focus on an important trial linked to the School and its mission. This year we are showcasing the work of CRASH-4. 

CRASH-4 is a randomised double blind trial set in the UK which aims to provide reliable evidence about the effects of early intramuscular tranexamic acid (TXA) on intracranial haemorrhage, disability, death, and dementia in older adults with symptomatic mild head injury. 

Follow this link to read and watch related videos about topics including the development of TXA which has an interesting history; challenges of pre-hospital and emergency department recruitment; and to learn something of how the trial is run behind the scenes. The resource also connects to a number of options for the study of clinical trials at LSHTM.

We hope that you enjoy reading about this important work. Do feel free to share this resource as widely as you wish. Anyone with the link can access and read it.



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