Our Cardiovascular Trials

AIMS (completed)

Investigated Ibersartan in people with Marfan syndrome

Arrest (ongoing)

ARREST investigates expedited transfer to a specialist cardiac arrest centre in patients with non-ST elevation out-of-hospital cardiac arrest


BHF PROTECT-TAVI is investigating the effect of Cerebral Embolic Protection on stroke after transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)

CHIP-BCIS3 (ongoing)

CHIP-BCIS3 is investigating the role of left ventricular unloading in high risk angioplasty (stenting).

COPIA (Feasibility study) (completed)

Comparison between Propofol and Inhaled Anaesthesia on cardiovascular morbidity and mortality following cardiac surgery, a Multicentre Randomised Controlled Trial

ERICCA (completed)

ERICCA investigated the effects of Remote Ischaemic Preconditioning (RIC) before heart bypass surgery.

ERIC-PPCI (completed)

ERIC-PPCI investigated the effects of Remote Ischaemic Preconditioning (RIC) in the acute period after ST-elevation Myocardial Infarction.

REVIVED BCIS 2 (ongoing)

REVIVED is investigating the effectiveness of angioplasty (stenting) in patients living with heart failure.

StatinWISE (completed)

StatinWISE investigated whether the muscle symptoms experienced during statin use were caused by statins.

Tight-K (ongoing)

Tight K is investigating whether maintenance of high-normal serum potassium levels in the immediate period after heart surgery is necessary to reduce arrythmia.

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