About us

The LSHTM-CTU is based within the largest school of public health in Europe with a global network of collaborators from over 50 countries

Our CTU has an international reputation for its clinical trials, especially in the area of trauma and emergency care, cardiovascular disease and maternal health

We value working with patients and the public and they are at the centre of our research activities

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio of work includes drugs trials and complex interventions, mechanisms of disease and treatments, cohort studies and systematic review of evidence.  We work on developing novel ways of communicating the work we do to clinicians, policy makers and the wider public to make sure patients benefit from the results of our research

Our Focus

Our work also focuses on improving the efficiency of trials to improve quality, reduce cost and to reduce our carbon footprint,  including trial design, recruitment and retention for trials, monitoring efficient ways of conducting clinical trials

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide valid and reliable answers to important public health questions and to use the answers to improve health and health equity in the UK and worldwide

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a world leading Clinical Trials Unit, working with partners in the UK and internationally to answer questions of global health importance

Our Values

We are committed to conducting high quality clinical trials working in collaboration with health professionals worldwide, innovating to improve processes, aiming to build capacity, ensuring the efficient use of resources and with a strong focus on financial and environmental sustainability

Our Approach

  • Identifying cost-effective interventions for problems of global health importance including a range of clinical trials in a number of research themes
  • Promoting the efficient conduct of clinical trials at LSHTM through statistical data monitoring of trials, developing in-house IT and database systems (including central randomisation, secure servers, trials databases and adverse event reporting systems);
  • Maximising the use of clinical trial data by making anonymised clinical trial data available to investigators beyond the original research team, within and external to LSHTM;
  • Maximising the impact of clinical trials through prognosis research to improve clinical decision making, counsel patients and to facilitate clinical research;
  • Increasing the health impact of clinical trials through more effective dissemination of trial results;
  • Achieving more effective consumer involvement in the design, conduct and dissemination of trial by increasing the role of patient involvement in our trials;



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