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CRASH-3 is a large, international, randomised, placebo controlled trial, to quantify the safety and effect on mortality and morbidity of the administration of tranexamic acid in patients with TBI.

Worldwide, over 10 million people are killed or hospitalised because of traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year. The CRASH‐3 trial aims to provide reliable evidence about the effect of tranexamic acid on mortality and disability in patients with TBI. The trial completed recruitment of around 13,000 TBI patients in 29 countries worldwide in January 2019. If this simple and widely practicable treatment was shown to improve outcomes in patients with TBI, then it could be used in high, middle and low income countries, saving many thousands of lives and reducing the burden of disability. The trial results will be available summer 2019.


Completed recruitment


23 July 2012


31 January 2019