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Mahmood, Abda 

PhD Student

I joined the Clinical Trials Unit at LSHTM in September 2015 as a PhD Candidate. I lead a mechanistic randomised trial nested within the CRASH-3 trial of tranexamic acid versus placebo in 13,000 patients with traumatic brain injury. The mechanistic trial aims to examine the effect of tranexamic acid on intracranial bleeding and infarction using routinely collected brain imaging from 1700 trial patients. This insight into the mechanism of action of tranexamic acid in traumatic brain injury, as well as information about the risks and benefits, could inform the interpretation of the CRASH-3 trial and the management of patients with traumatic brain injury. The trial data will be unblinded when recruitment is complete in January 2019.

I also work with other groups at the Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health to review and submit study protocols for ethical clearance. I tutor Basic Maths and act as an exam invigilator for MSc students at LSHTM. I privately tutor Psychology and related subjects at a range of levels. I have a BSc Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Durham (2011) and MSc in Psychology from the University of Oxford (2012). Before beginning my PhD, I worked as a Research Assistant between the Oxford University Department of Psychiatry, and Centre for functional MRI of the Brain (now the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging) on a longitudinal epidemiological project into the neuropsychology and biology of ageing (Stress and Health Study; Whitehall-II Sub-study) (2012-2015).