PREVENTT Trial Results and News

PREVENTT Trial Results and News
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UPDATE: The results found that the use of intravenous iron in patients with anaemia before major open elective abdominal surgery increased haemoglobin concentrations before surgery but did not reduce the frequency of blood transfusion or mortality in the perioperative period relative to placebo. There was no reduction in the risk of postoperative in-hospital complications or length of hospital stay and no benefits to quality of life. However, there was a reduced risk of readmission to hospital for complications in those patients who received intravenous iron

Results found that preoperative intravenous iron was not superior to placebo to reduce need for blood transfusion when administered to patients with anaemia 10–42 days before elective major abdominal surgery.

The PREVENTT trial investigated preoperative intravenous iron to treat anaemia before major abdominal surgery (PREVENTT) and was a randomised, double-blind, and controlled trial.

Preoperative anaemia affects 30–60% of all patients undergoing major elective surgery and is associated with an increased risk of blood transfusion, in-hospital complications, delayed hospital discharge, and poor recovery

We aimed to test the hypothesis that intravenous iron given to anaemic patients before major open elective abdominal surgery would correct anaemia, reduce the need for blood transfusions, and improve patient outcomes.

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