Clinical trial managers need recognition for their work

Clinical trial managers need recognition for their work
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Expert trial managers with the training and experience to overcome operational challenges are often the difference between the success and failure of a clinical trial.

Considerable importance is given to the beginning and the end of the clinical trial process, with those responsible for writing a protocol, obtaining funding, and analysing the data all being rewarded when the results are published.

Yet, trial managers are often overlooked in terms of recognition, value and status.

Trial managers are vital to the success of clinical trials. The contribution of trial managers needs to be recognised, rewarded and valued by funders, journals, academic institutions and their peers.

This will signal their status, their confidence, the trust placed in them, and
their professional autonomy. Academic institutions hosting clinical trial units (CTUs) need to provide training and development opportunities that will facilitate progression beyond trial management to chief investigator or a relevant academic role if desired. There should be appropriate career pathways for trial managers wanting to remain within the field as experts.

The professionalisation of trial management should be enhanced through education and training. These measures will go some way in developing a cadre of high-class triallists who will be able to ensure the success of future clinical trials that deliver the answers that patients need.

Danielle Beaumont et al. highlight some of the key barriers to achieving this and makes suggestions on how they can be addressed within clinical trials units registered with the UK Clinical Research Collaboration

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